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Yunmei is an alarm clock radio manufacturer, provide alarm clock wholesale,have competitive prices and good service,it was established in 2009. We specialize in the manufacturing, developing and design in Bluetooth speakers, wireless charging clock radio. Factory located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. Occupied over 9000 square meters, and 500 workers.

CD Player

  • CD Player with Fashionable Design丨YM-8818
    1.Speaker output: 1.5W*2=3W
    2. Speaker deriver: 2.25"8Ohm 2W*2
    3.Wireless charge output: 5W
    4. Sound source: CD/USB/AUX/FM/BT
    5. Dual Alarm Clock function.
    6. 3.5mm Earphone jack for music.
    7. FM radio Frequency 87.5-108mHz
    8.0.9"LCD displayer on front panel.
    9. USB output charging port: 5V/1A
    10. AC power:100-240V 50/60Hz
    11. Product Dimension: L195*W130*H62mm.
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  • Fashionable Portable CD Players丨YM-8368
    1.Speaker output: 1.5W*2=3W
    2. Speaker deriver: 2.5"8Ohm 3W*2
    3. Dual Alarm Clock function.
    4. Sterio FM/AM radio
    5. LCD display
    6. USB output charging port: 5V/1A
    7. Product Dimension :L214.5*W215*H121.5mm
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