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Order process

Yunmei is a alarm clock manufacturer in China,have more than ten years experience in this industry, specialized in multi function alarm Clock,alarm clock with wireless charging and Portable FM CD Boombox Player,We have mature production technology and professional designers to serve you, accept customization, can meet all your needs, and provide competitive price and high quality, the following is our order process:

Wireless charging alarm clock--a combination of charger and alarm clock

At present, Yunmei wireless charging alarm clock manufacturer has withdrawn from a fashionable wireless charging alarm clock. Can the wireless mobile phone charger become an alarm clock? Let's find out together.


Wireless chargers have become the most popular accessory for mobile phones at present, bringing consumers a very convenient user experience. Unlike wired chargers, wireless chargers can be charged as soon as they are placed. Major brands have also stepped into it. Based on wireless charging technology, Yunmei has also introduced a wireless mobile phone charging Bluetooth alarm clock, which integrates multiple functions and is more convenient.

Black and white profile appearance-simple and elegant, very atmospheric

This wireless charging bluetooth alarm clock uses a simple square design, black and white color style and various home decoration styles can be matched, placed on the bedside table table will not appear abruptly occupying space. Because its area is a combination of multiple functions, it is larger than other wireless chargers. The front surface of the mobile phone is made of frosted plastic material with a sense of technology, and there is a layer of recesses that can be fixed when the mobile phone is charging. The mobile phone can be prevented from falling, which can effectively reduce the probability of accidental risk of the mobile phone.


The base is made of silicone material, which can help the entire machine to better stabilize the position. Sometimes the mobile phone cannot avoid vibration or message vibration when charging. At this time, the fixed design of the alarm clock with wireless charging and the silicone design at the bottom are just fine. It can effectively prevent the mobile phone from falling off and the alarm clock from moving.

Parameter performance of wireless charging Bluetooth alarm clock

The power of the Yunmei speak wireless charging alarm clock socket can reach fast wireless charging, the highest wireless charging output is 10W, the USB output charging interface is 5V/1A, the external certification adapter is 5V/2A, and the large area aluminum heat sink can ensure that the machine is a mobile phone It will not overheat when charging, which ensures the quality of the product and provides a solid foundation for the rigid conditions of the product.


In addition, the front end is equipped with a large-screen LED display (5.0.8"), which allows us to see the time more clearly and conveniently, and sufficient power storage in the event of a power failure can ensure normal use when there is no power, and it also supports Radio frequency modulation, frequency modulation frequency Wie87.5-108mHz, more simple and convenient, one machine with multiple functions, overall the configuration is luxurious, the material is strong and the quality is guaranteed.

In addition to displaying the time, you can also connect your mobile phone to Bluetooth to play music. When there is information, there will be notifications to avoid the phenomenon of information being ignored. Users do not have to worry about not seeing the information, which is very convenient and durable.


It is also very convenient to use this wireless charging travel alarm clock to charge your mobile phone, that is, charge it immediately. Except for charging when the mobile phone is prevented from standing upright, the mobile phone can be charged in all other directions. It supports most of the mobile phones on the market. Mobile phones that support wireless charging are charged.



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