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  • Introduction to the speakers in the clock radio


    Everyone knows that a speaker is a speaker. In fact, we don't usually know much about speakers. In order to let everyone know more about speakers, here are three more representative types.The first is a high-fidelity speaker, which is characterized by a wider sound frequency band, which is about 3 t Read More

  • How is the radio tuned?


    FM broadcasting is the use of frequency modulated radio waves to transmit program content. The so-called frequency modulation is the frequency of the high-frequency signal with constant amplitude and constant frequency, which changes with the amplitude of the modulated signal. FM radio is to receive Read More

  • How do I enhance the signal of an FM radio?


    The radio is the receiver of radio broadcasting. The weak signal of high frequency modulation input by the receiving antenna is converted into audio signal through method, frequency conversion and detection. According to different needs, the radio can be combined with different components and wiring Read More

  • Check the discontinued alarm clock radios


    Why so many people like radioChildhood nostalgia. When I was young, I didn't have any entertainment, and many elders had the habit of radio, so they planted a feeling of retro nostalgia in their hearts.· Unique sound. Different brands and models of radios produce different sounds, and the sounds pro Read More

  • why 2021 cars still have CD players?


    First of all, we have a conclusion that CD players are currently on the way to being eliminated. This is not just limited to cars, but innovations in storage media.CD is a storage medium. Essentially, there is no difference between CD and flash memory or even tape. The current CD is facing is the sa Read More

  • Five best high-tech charging alarm clocks


    Five best high-tech charging alarm clocksNow it’s 2021, and the update of alarm clocks is also very rapid. There are many smarter and more powerful wireless charging alarm clocks. If the old-fashioned alarm clock placed on your bedside is still a few years ago, then I think you should upgrade yours. Read More

  • Yunmei Bluetooth Alarm Clock Assessment


    The alarm clock is a must-have for a family, I believe that each of us is familiar with it. It is not only a practical gadget to wake us up in the morning, but also a work of art that decorates our desktop. Now with the development of smart homes, Bluetooth speaker alarm clocks have also become a mi Read More

  • Best Bluetooth Alarm Clock 2021


    In 2021, mobile phones have become an electronic product that people can’t live without. Do you feel anxious because you left your mobile phone, or even playing with your mobile phone when you go to the bathroom, then the mobile phone has become a part of your life. Mobile phones cause you to go to Read More

  • Yunmei desktop wireless Bluetooth speaker alarm clock


    If you insert a fever-level speaker configuration into your bedside alarm clock, what kind of experience will it be? Imagine that you are still asleep in the morning. At this time, the desktop wireless Bluetooth speaker alarm clock on the bedside suddenly rings. The sound of the bell is clean and de Read More

  • The current state of CD players


    At present, it has to be said that CD players are already on the way out, not only in cars, but also in terms of storage media.CD disc is a kind of storage medium, in essence, there is no big difference between CD and flash memory and magnetic tape. The current situation of CD players is the same as Read More

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