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  • Introduction to CD Player


    CD player is a common electronic product in daily life. It first entered the eyes of consumers in 1982. It is an intelligent high-fidelity stereo sound device controlled by a microcomputer.Adopting advanced laser technology, digital technology, computer technology and various new components, it has Read More

  • Large Display Travel Alarm Clock introduction


    Today’s alarm clock is no longer a tool to watch the time and wake people up. Today’s alarm clock has added a variety of diversified functions to meet people’s various requirements. The alarm clock I will introduce today is a large display. Travel alarm clock.Yunmei is a professional manufacturer of Read More

  • How CD players work?


    CD player is also called CD player or laser player. It first came into the eyes of consumers in 1982. It is a kind of intelligent high-fidelity stereo equipment controlled by microcomputer. It has a variety of advanced technologies, for example, Laser technology, digital technology, computer technol Read More

  • Why Is It Said That Alarm Clock With Wireless Charging Is Suitable For Playing In The Dead Of Night?


    High quality alarm clock supplier FM function wireless charging alarm clock alarm clock with wireless charging Why Is It Said That Alarm Clock With Wireless Charging Is Suitable For Playing In The Dead Of Night?- Dongguan Yunmei Electronics Co. Ltd Read More

  • Does the Speaker Wireless charging alarm clock have radiation?


    YM-186 is a new type of wireless charging alarm clock. Its beautiful appearance is in line with the aesthetics of young people from all over the world, and its wireless charging function is very convenient. Usually placed on the bedside table of the bedroom will not take up space, but It can also ad Read More

  • alarm clock with wireless charging


    Yunmei is a professional manufacturer of high-quality alarm clocks. It has more than ten years of industry experience. It provides wireless charging alarm clocks, FM alarm clocks and CD players. Here is a wireless charging alarm clock produced by our company.From the appearance point of view, this w Read More

  • How to buy mobile DVD products consumers should consider six factors


    Mobile DVD satisfies people's personalized consumption trends, and the personalized audio-visual space it can create is full of indescribable attraction for people who pursue fashion, publicize their individuality and unique taste. Nowadays, mobile DVDs are becoming a commodity favored by consumers, especially white-collar consumers. Consumers should consider six factors when choosing mobile DVD products. Read More



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