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Five best high-tech charging alarm clocks

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Five best high-tech charging alarm clocks

Now it’s 2021, and the update of alarm clocks is also very rapid. There are many smarter and more powerful wireless charging alarm clocks. If the old-fashioned alarm clock placed on your bedside is still a few years ago, then I think you should upgrade yours. Alarm clock, you need an upgraded and powerful wireless charging alarm clock.

Many people will look for a charging cable to charge their mobile phone before going to bed. Then you can upgrade your sleeping time from now on. Some manufacturers who are good at pioneering technology combine old-fashioned functional alarm clocks with mobile phone wireless charging methods, which can be the most effective The use of the limited space of the bedside table reduces the pressure on the circuit caused by the device, and when you want to sleep, you can directly charge the phone by placing the phone on the wireless charging alarm clock, which is very convenient. For this, I have listed your five best wireless charging alarm clocks.

The most convenient wireless charging alarm clock-Amazon sells retro models alone

I-BOX wireless charging alarm clock with USB charger

This gray I-BOX dimmable LED wireless charging alarm clock looks like fiber. It is very fashionable. The price is US$36.49. The price is very moderate. The fiber feel is also very comfortable to touch. With large buttons on the body, the keys are very convenient.

Brand I-box                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

color: gray

Style Modern

Power Corded Electric

Frame material Fabric

Shape Cylindrical

Installation type Tabletop

According to feedback from some customers, charging while sleeping, the sound quality and display dimmer have been improved through the new version. With this Dawn wireless charging alarm clock, you don't have to charge your smart device. The built-in QI wireless charging board is compatible with mobile phones that support QI. At night, you only need to put the phone on the top of the alarm clock to directly charge it. In addition, there is a 1A USB port on the side of the alarm clock, which can easily be used for charging. Charge the second phone.

Wake-up function: The dual alarm clock function allows you to set two different alarm clocks to ensure that your work will never be late. In addition, this alarm clock is also set with different brightness of the LED display to avoid glare at night, and you can easily choose the comfortable brightness that suits your eyes. The upgraded LED display can even be dimmer.

Play music anytime and anywhere: Using Dawn as a Bluetooth speaker, you can connect directly to your smart phone or tablet via Bluetooth to play your favorite music wirelessly, or set up an FM radio station to listen to your favorite FM music. 6W stereo speakers and subwoofer, enjoy the surround sound quality and bring a rich music experience.

The Dawn bedside alarm clock is made of high-quality materials and has a soft touch. The sides and top are wrapped in fabric. Whether it is on the counter in the bedroom or the kitchen, it can make you feel amazing. And I-BOX is a British company that specializes in the production of high-quality smart audio products. It provides a 12-month warranty and a simple return and exchange policy, so that customers have a pleasant buying experience.

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wireless charging alarm clock

The smartest projection alarm clock

Htterino projection bluetooth speaker alarm clock

One-key snooze, smart projection, DIY ringtones, wireless charging, Bluetooth calls, FM radio and other functions are all integrated. The appearance is bright red, placing it on the bedside table can add a touch of bright color, making people look happy. This makes me think that the most convenient function is to connect to Bluetooth and video chat with others will become more convenient and clear, and watching movies will also become very convenient, large screen projection, the experience is very cool.

This product is priced at US$45.99

Brand Htterino

color: red

Power Corded Electric

Shape Rectangular

Display type Digital

Item Weight 2.09 lb

Installation type Freestanding, Tabletop

The biggest feature of this product is that it is highly compatible with wireless charging, which can meet your most demanding needs. It is compatible with iPhone XS, SXS, MAX, XR, X, 8, 8PLUS. Samsung Galaxy S10+, S10, S9+, S9, Note 8, S8Plus , Note 7, S7 Edge, S7, S6 Activ, S6 Duos, S6Edge, S6, Note 5; Nokia Lumia 830, 920, 1020, 15. 20, 93.0; Google Nexus 6, 5, 4; LG G6/V30, etc.

Put the mobile phone in the wireless charging area to directly charge the mobile phone wirelessly.

Projection function: Project time on the ceiling and wall, the projection can be rotated 180 degrees, the upgraded version has a 24H system, and the 12H system can be switched.

Dual alarm clock mode: No need to be afraid of getting up, you can set two different alarm clocks, and play your favorite alarm clock by recording music, ringtones, and languages.

Three playback modes: support Bluetooth/AUX/TF card playback, which can meet various playback needs. Choose the playback mode according to your own preferences and needs. You can also choose the FM radio function to listen to your favorite radio station.

Large-capacity battery: The powerful battery life can reach 3600mAh, and the car power battery can last for 72 hours. The full-screen mirror design is very stylish and simple.

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bluetooth speaker alarm clock

The best alarm clock with USB interface---US$22

USCCE digital alarm clock with two USB charging ports

More than 80% of this alarm clock on Amazon gave this product a five-star review, and more than half of them praised its dual USB charging interface. Many people commented "I want a multi-functional one-stop wake-up alarm clock, which can include all the functions I want". Just like this USCCE alarm clock, it can meet multiple functions and can be reserved for your bedside table. Make more space.

Another customer commented that "I don't want to need to move the charger to my bed, I just need to plug my phone into the alarm clock to charge it, so I don't have to worry about my phone running out of power after falling asleep".

This alarm clock also provides two independent wake-up settings, and it occupies a small footprint, and the multi-function button on the top can also adjust its screen brightness to zero.

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 best alarm clock

Smart dual wireless charging alarm clock

Brookstone Smart Alarm Clock---US$99.99

This alarm clock with dual wireless chargers is the perfect companion for a bedside table. Its appearance is full of high-tech beauty, with a large display screen on the front end, which can support charging two mobile phones at the same time. , Very convenient and fast.

In addition, it also has dual alarm/sleep/snooze functions, but what really makes it unique is the dual wireless charging pad on the top of the alarm clock, which can simultaneously support the charging of two smartphones that support wireless functions. The back of the alarm clock is also There is a USB interface that can be used to charge, for example, a tablet computer or a mobile phone that is not wirelessly charged.

In addition, by connecting to Bluetooth, you can also play your favorite music. A customer commented that "I successfully set the time and alarm clock and its year and month easily. I think this is very important for daylight saving time. It would be best if it can automatically adjust."


• It can charge two smartphones that support wireless charging at the same time.

• Simply place a wireless-enabled smartphone on the top to start charging the phone.

• No wires can be messed up, charging starts when the phone is placed on the clock.

• The USB connection on the back can charge other devices.

• Built-in stereo Bluetooth speaker allows you to play music from your smartphone.

• Dual alarm clock/clock/sleep/snooze.

• FM radio with 10 preset radio stations and auto scan function.


• Dimensions-7 inches long, 7.5 inches wide, 2 inches high, and 0.1 pounds weight.

• Easy-to-read 0.9-inch large LED with 2-step dimming system.

•UL-certified AC adapter with backup battery. (2AAA, not included)

• Wireless charging standard WPC-Qi V1.2.3.

Smart Alarm Clock

Yunmei Bluetooth wireless charging DAB/FM CD alarm clock

This alarm clock designed by Yunmei wireless charging alarm clock manufacturer has very powerful functions. There are multiple function buttons on the top, which can easily set each function of this alarm clock. The square design can better fit your bedside table, no matter what It won't fall to the ground even if it shakes. The wireless charging position on the top can easily place the mobile phone, with a large space and easy charging.

Rich functions, support Bluetooth playback, FM radio playback.

When many customers came to the Yunmei factory to inspect the products, they were amazed at the sound quality of this alarm clock and its quality. We did an experiment and touched it on the ground at the height of the bedside table. This alarm clock passed several times like this. There is no problem in the test. Its quality has won unanimous praise from our customers. In addition, its sound quality is also very good. The sound from the outside is two grades better than the sound quality of the music phone itself.

In the dark night, you can also easily see the time number on the alarm clock screen. When you wake up ignorantly at night and want to go to the bathroom, you don’t know what time it is. At this time, you can easily know the current time. A customer who bought our products said so.

Another feature of it is its super battery life. In the face of possible power outages, Yunmei has specifically responded to this. The alarm clock has a battery life that can keep the alarm clock running after a power outage. For more than two hours, you don't have to worry about power failure during sleep at night and stop it from working.


•DAB+/DAB Band lll & FM Digital Radio

• Wireless charging 5W

• Sterio FM PLL radio with frequency 87.5-108MHz

• CD/USB/AUX/MP3 player, CD-R/CD-RW

• 3.5mm Earphone jack for music

• 5V/1A USB charge output

• Dual alarm function• Snooze/Dimmer function


• 2.0 speaker system

• Output Power :3W=1.5W*2

• Unit Size: 2"8Ohm 2W*2

• LCD display

• AC power:100-240V 50/60Hz

• Product Dimension :L186.5*W186*H73.5mm



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