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Yunmei CD player for sale

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Yunmei is a professional CD player manufacturer with many years of industry experience and strict quality control. We have a variety of styles of CD player for sale, and welcome your inquiries. Here we introduce some features of CD player.

CD player is an intelligent high-fidelity stereo sound equipment controlled by a microcomputer. It adopts advanced laser technology, digital technology, computer technology and various new components. It has high-density recording and the playback time is as long as 60-75 minutes. , Easy operation, fast song selection and other advantages.

From an acoustic point of view, sound exists and propagates in the form of waves, and waves are oscillating, so the unit of waves is Hz, the number of oscillations per second. The smaller the Hz value of the sound wave, the louder the sound, and the higher the Hz value, the smaller the sound. From the perspective of the structure of the human ear, theoretically the minimum 20,000 Hz sound can be heard, but it is rarely present in real life, and some animals can hear higher Hz sound. For example, a dog can hear 50,000 Hz sound. .

To a certain extent, the frequency range of a CD player refers to the range of sound loudness that can be played. At present, the common one is 20-20000 Hz, but in fact, the maximum or minimum is actually unacceptable for human ears.

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