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Yunmei Bluetooth Alarm Clock Assessment

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The alarm clock is a must-have for a family, I believe that each of us is familiar with it. It is not only a practical gadget to wake us up in the morning, but also a work of art that decorates our desktop. Now with the development of smart homes, Bluetooth speaker alarm clocks have also become a minute in smart homes. Today, Yunmei Bluetooth alarm clock manufacturer Just share this smart bluetooth alarm clock for everyone.

Bluetooth speaker alarm clock appearance

I have come across several alarm clocks from other manufacturers. They are all simple and beautifully designed and practical products, but when I got the product of Yunmei Bluetooth alarm clock, it felt that it was not only beautiful and practical, but also a kind of technology. It’s beautiful, it won’t look obtrusive when placed in the bedroom, which is why I choose Yunmei Bluetooth alarm clock.

Open the box. Inside are the alarm clock and the alarm clock wiring. There are a variety of alarm clock colors for you to choose from. The one I chose is black, which is more resistant to dirt and has a sense of technology. I like it very much. This design also follows the simple design style, the whole is like a brick full of technological sense, so there are some retro looks, this style can be well integrated into each of our families, no matter what decoration style the home is. .

This alarm clock is very comfortable to the touch, there is no burr to the touch, and the quality control is well done. The alarm clock has a small body. After all, it is mostly used by the bed, so there is no problem with it on the bedside table. It will take up a lot of space.

The base part is also very slip resistant and stable, so some shaking will not affect it. Therefore, the material at the bottom of the alarm clock must be firm.

The function of the Bluetooth speaker alarm clock

The most important function of the alarm clock is the wake-up service. This Bluetooth alarm clock can be set with multiple groups of alarms, which is convenient for us to use at different time periods, and can continuously wake up our sleeping bodies when there are important things.

At the same time, this alarm clock also has a variety of ringtones to choose from. These ringtones are very nice, not the kind of alarm clock songs that are very LOW. These alarm clock songs are not very noisy and can ensure that they can wake up.

Broadcast function

This bluetooth speaker alarm clock can not only provide wake-up service, but also connect to your mobile phone to play music. It can be used as a small speaker, which is very convenient. Just imagine, when you are out for a picnic, bring this bluetooth alarm clock , It’s a beautiful day to play beautiful music like a picnic in the wild.

Wireless charging function

In addition to the wake-up function and Bluetooth music function, this alarm clock also has a wireless charging function. When you want to sleep every night, you need to find the charging cable and plug in your phone to charge it. This Bluetooth alarm clock only needs to put the phone on it. It can be charged automatically, which is very simple and convenient, and the charging speed is very fast.

In general, this is a very creative product that combines the functions of alarm clock, music playback, and wireless charging. If you also have this requirement, Yunmei Bluetooth alarm clock will be a good choice.

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