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What is wireless charging technology?

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Wireless charging technology is derived from wireless power transmission technology and can be divided into low-power wireless charging and high-power wireless charging.

Low-power wireless charging often uses electromagnetic induction, such as the QI method for charging mobile phones, but ZTE's wireless charging method for electric vehicles uses induction.

High-power wireless charging often uses a resonance-type device that transfers energy from a power supply device to an electricity consuming device. The device uses the received energy to charge the battery and at the same time for its own operation. Since the charger and the electric device transfer energy through a magnetic field, and there is no wire link between the two, both the charger and the electric device can achieve no conductive contacts exposed.

Basic principle of electromagnetic induction

The alternating current of a certain frequency in the primary coil generates a certain current in the secondary coil through electromagnetic induction, thereby transferring energy from the transmitting end to the receiving end. At present, the most common charging solution uses electromagnetic induction. In fact, the electromagnetic induction solution does not have too much mystery in terms of technical realization. BYD in China applied for a non-contact induction charger as early as 2005. The patent uses electromagnetic induction technology.

Wireless charging technology



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