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The JazzWood speaker clock

Views: 17     Author: Tsubasa Rai     Publish Time: 2021-04-22      Origin: Site

The JazzWood speaker clock

Recently the JazzWood clock has been successfully funded on Kickstarter. The idea is a creative speaker clock that has a high-quality sound with docking technology built-in. The clock comes with two speakers. One is built into the tube to make it sound louder and spacious. You can spin the horn around to find the best sound for yourself.

What makes this speaker clock special?

Unlike some normal alarm clock, this speaker clock has an exquisite design. It is small, you can take it anywhere. And it comes with a wireless charging, which is a high-speed magnetic connector charging. You can easily recharge your iphone just by laying it on the top of the clock. 

Along with this, the docking station has an additional USB output for multiple devices.

The clock’s time is shown through the wooden surface. It was designed to prevent distraction or interference in sleeping time. 

You can place it on your bedside table. The JazzWood clock is not only an alarm clock with speaker, it also comes with a pleasant night light underneath. 

It gives you comfortable light while not harming your eyes. In the children’s room, JazzWood will become a safe and interesting night light and storyteller!

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