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More and more portable CD players

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The CD player has a history of forty years since its birth. It opened the prelude to the digital audio revolution, heralded the birth of a new audio medium, and brought consumers a crystal clear and transparent Music experience.

With the advancement of technology, the disc itself of the CD Player with Fashionable Design has become less important. What is important is the data contained in the disc.

                                                                                                           Early CD player

In 1982, Sony released the world’s first commercial CD player in Japan. Early CD players were inconvenient to carry, and the sound quality was far inferior to today’s CD players. Every time you use it, you need to place a CD. This is also very troublesome.

                                                                                                           Today's CD players

The sound quality of today’s Fashionable Portable CD Players is far superior to that of previous players. Not only that, but today’s CD players are very portable. Even if you go out on a trip, you can carry the CD player with you, and you don’t need to carry cumbersome CDs. , You can directly connect to your phone’s Bluetooth to play your favorite music, or adjust the frequency to listen to your favorite channel.

Not only that, today's CD Player with Fashionable Design have also added alarm clock function, charging function, display function and so on. If you don't like playing music outside, you can also plug in headphones to listen to music. Multiple functions are integrated, which is very convenient.

The following are the characteristics of CD players:

The output power of the speaker is 1.5W*2=3W, the drive is 2.25" 8Ohm 2W*2, the wireless charging output is about 5W, it has an alarm clock function, the 3.5mm headphone jack is used to play music, and the frequency of the FM radio is 87.5-108mHz In between, the power of the USB output charging port is about 5V/1A, and the product size is L195*W130-H62mm.

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