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Large Display Travel Alarm Clock introduction

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Today’s alarm clock is no longer a tool to watch the time and wake people up. Today’s alarm clock has added a variety of diversified functions to meet people’s various requirements. The alarm clock I will introduce today is a Large Display Travel Alarm Clock.

Yunmei is a professional multifunctional alarm clocks supplier. We provide high-quality services and competitive prices. This Large Display Travel Alarm Clock that I will introduce to you today is equipped with a 2.0 speaker system, and the output current power is 3w, and it has 0.8 Inch large white LED display, equipped with DC5V/1.5A external certification adapter, the size of this product is 115(W)*115(D)*112(H)mm, and the packaging size is 182*126*122mm.

The FM radio frequency is between 87.5-108mHZ and has a dual alarm clock function.

With the advancement of social technology, the complicated simple alarm clock has been gradually eliminated. Yunmei starts from practical innovation, reasonable simple alarm clock, minimalist and natural design, compact and portable, whether it is placed in a horizontal position to add embellishment or travel It is extremely convenient to travel and has diversified functions to meet people's various needs.

An alarm clock is also a portable Bluetooth speaker. We pay attention to every detail and combine with life to bring you an elegant quality of life.

Some mobile phones with wireless charging function can be directly charged wirelessly, and they also have a charging port directly connected to the phone, which is very convenient.

The built-in temperature and humidity sensor can not only display the time, but also display the temperature and humidity simultaneously.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Your request is the ladder of our progress. I hope to hear from you.

Large Display Travel Alarm Clock



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