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alarm clock with wireless charging

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Yunmei is a professional manufacturer high-quality alarm clocks supplier. It has more than ten years of industry experience. It provides wireless charging alarm clocks, FM alarm clocks and CD players. Here I would like to introduce a alarm clock with wireless charging by our company.

alarm clock with wireless charging丨High quality alarm clock supplier

From the appearance point of view, this alarm clock with wireless charging has a moderate size and can charge mobile phones that support wireless charging technology (QI standard) on the market, and this wireless charging alarm clock is one of the many Bluetooth desktop alarm clocks I have experienced. Few products that support wireless charging.

The output voltage of this wireless charging alarm clock speaker is 2W, the wireless charging output is 5W, and the adjustable frequency radio frequency is between 87.5 and 108mHz. It has a dual alarm clock function. The front panel is a large LED display and an external 5.5V/1.5A Certified adapter, the size of the product is L162*W128*H60mm.

In terms of appearance design, the shell is made of plastic, which is not easily damaged. The color is bright black, low-key luxury, looks very three-dimensional texture, if you don’t like this color, we accept customization, you can choose the color you like, the whole product is small, easy to carry, and put on the bed in the bedroom The head does not take up a lot of space, and it can beautify your room and make it look cool.

Provide reliable battery backup to ensure its time and alarm settings, even after a power failure can still be used. Digital FM radio is used for more than 20 programmable radio stations and provides easy access to each radio station. You can also customize and add Bluetooth function, use professional speakers to play songs, and make the whole environment more atmosphere. The 1.2-inch LED display can provide three brightness settings, suitable for people who are sensitive to brightness.

alarm clock with wireless chargingalarm clock with wireless charging



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