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How to maintain CD players?

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Generally speaking, the service life of a CD player is related to your maintenance level. So how should you maintain your CD player? I believe many users do not know about the maintenance of CD players. In fact, it is very simple, with only a few simple steps. , You can solve the wrong operation in daily use.

When you don’t use the CD player, cover the CD player with a dust-proof cloth to prevent dust from entering the CD player. Basically, it takes half a year to open the CD player and blow out the dust inside with the cold air of a hair dryer.

In normal use, CD discs should be kept well to prevent scratching the surface of the CD disc. Use a piece of cork to wipe the surface of the CD disc with a piece of cork. Wipe it back and forth in a clockwise direction. The strength should be controlled and not rubbed by excessive force. Spend the surface of the CD.

After inserting the CD into the CD player, wait for the CD player to finish reading the disc, and the number comes out, because this is a program of the CD player, if you press the play button once the CD is inserted, it will easily cause damage to the machine. For example, lines, laser heads, etc., and it is best to play them in order when listening to songs. If you manually select songs, the life of the laser head will be greatly reduced.

Don't keep turning on and off. When you turn on the power switch once, all the parts in the machine will run according to the program, including the laser head in the CD player. The continuous power on and off has a great impact on the service life of the machine. .

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