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Can a wireless charging alarm clock damage your phone?

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I believe that many people will worry about whether charging the mobile phone with a wireless charging alarm clock will damage our mobile phone. Today, Yunmei wireless charging alarm clock manufacturer will introduce you to the knowledge of alarm clocks.

The use of chargers enables many electronic devices to operate normally. If there is no charger, our life will be troubled to a certain extent. In order to improve everyone’s understanding of chargers, we will wirelessly charge the alarm clock. Related introduction.

Is wireless charging alarm clock harmful to mobile phones:

The wireless charging alarm clock will not damage the mobile phone under normal circumstances. The current working frequency of wireless charging is generally below 1M, so it will not affect the signal of the mobile phone. Wireless charging has no effect on the battery life of mobile phones. It is basically the same as wired charging, but the rate is slightly lower, but the conversion rate of wireless charger power is still relatively high, which can better save energy.

The wireless charging technology mainly uses inductive coupling technology, because the coupling technology mainly generates current through the magnetic field of the coil, and the internal components of the battery can not form the magnetic field, so the internal structure of the battery will not be damaged during the power-on process. At present, most mobile phones on the market conform to the QI wireless charging standard and have a built-in wireless receiver, which has a certain voltage and current, so does the wireless charger have any bad effect on the mobile phone?

And there is a saying that it is not advisable to charge too many times, which will accelerate the aging and strain of the battery. In fact, this is wrong. The charge times of the lithium battery refer to the complete charge and discharge, so it is possible to charge at any time. And in the safety test, the battery will continue to be charged for 7 hours when fully charged, and the output voltage will increase to 1.06 times the standard voltage. In addition, the battery itself also has the function of protecting the circuit, so it will not be dangerous, but If you use low-quality batteries, it is possible.

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