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Alarm Clock with Wireless Charging introduction

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The alarm clock is an item that every household needs to use. It can wake us up in the morning. Now with the advancement of technology, the functions of the alarm clock are becoming more and more diversified. Today I will introduce you to this one Wireless charging alarm clock with wireless charging function and Bluetooth playback function.

The speaker output power of this Alarm Clock with Wireless Charging is 2W, the wireless charging output power is 5W, the FM radio frequency is between 87.5-108mHz, and the front panel is a 1.2-inch large LED display, which meets the needs of most people. , In addition, the output power of the USB charging port is 5V/1A. The size of this alarm clock is L162*W128*H60mm, and it is of moderate size. It can not only be placed in the bedroom, but also can be taken when traveling or traveling.

In addition, this wireless rechargeable alarm clock also has a broadcasting function. The digital FM radio has up to 20 programmable radio stations and is very convenient to access different radio stations. You can also pre-programmable daily dual alarm clock for you and your partner-wake up radio or buzzer.

This alarm clock also has a reliable battery backup to ensure its time and alarm settings, even after a power failure. In addition, the 1.2-inch large green LED display provides three brightness settings, which can effectively adjust the screen brightness to meet the needs of different people for screen brightness.

This Bluetooth speaker alarm clock is very suitable to be placed on a horizontal desktop. It has a simple square aesthetic design and a delicate and sturdy appearance. When placed in a horizontal style, it can add a little beauty to the horizontal style. It can also be placed in a bag for travel. Convenient, stylish and versatile for home travel.

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