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The best alarm clock radios to wake up to

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Looking for an alarm clock radio that’s easy to use and has great sound?A great alarm clock radio is simple to use, with an easy-to-hit snooze button and great sound that will wake you up in the best possible way. 

When you’re a bit groggy in the morning, you want an easy start to your day. And if that means reaching over to hit the snooze button to catch an extra 40 winks, with a cursory glance at the time, you want an alarm clock that won’t get in your way.

The very best alarm clocks have an exceptionally clear screen that’s as easy as possible to read, plus flexible alarm functionality and a sufficiently loud volume to wake you up even if you turned in late the night before. It will also be easy to use without having to consult the instruction manual at every stage, and – crucially – have superb sound quality that will be a dream to listen to.

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Our lab experts tirelessly test every aspect of alarm clock radios, including how easy the screen is to read in darkness and bright light and how good the reception is, to make sure our radios are the perfect package.

On top of that, our expert panel of music industry professionals have decades of experience in ensuring that whatever your favourite genre of music or radio, their four-star or five-star verdicts guarantee the very best sound.



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