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Clock Radio: Sound That Kickstarts the Day

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Clock Radio: Sound That Kickstarts the Day

 crystal clear radio, dual alarm settings and ambient lighting set the stage for the ultimate morning experience

clock radio and speaker duo customizes the wake-up experience to help make anyone a morning person.  updated design, dual alarms, a large time LED display, ambient lighting and presets for quick access to your favorite radio stations.  

Designed to integrate into any bedroom décor as the perfect accessory, The clock’s rotary control knob makes it easy to hit snooze and turn off, no matter how groggy the user is. And for those looking to upgrade their standard alarm can easily adjust the speaker’s knob to create custom radio presets, providing quick access to favorite stations. Accompanied with ambient LED lighting technology

 Music lovers will get to experience embedded in the brand’s popular headphone and speaker offerings.this speaker delivers deep bass, impressive timbre and a solid balance among low to high frequencies.  showcasing how design positively affects sound output.  

 it’s designed to adapt to the individual’s preferences, creating a customizable and personalized experience.”


Wireless Bluetooth Streaming: Wirelessly connect to any smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth streaming technologies

Dual Alarm Capabilities: Easily set two alarms, allowing multiple users to wake-up at different times 

FM and DAB Radio: Stream stations or choose to wake-up to a favorite in place of music or built-in alarm tones

Ambient Lighting: Softly illuminating and enhancing bedroom lighting to create the ideal nightlight. Built-in light sensors adjust to the brightness of the room shifting the lighting on the speaker’s LED screen

USB Charging: Charge up to two smartphones or tablets with double USB charging port capabilities. 

Rotary Control Knob: Simply rotate the knob to quickly choose a wake time. Use it to snooze alarms, adjust the volume and turn ambient light on and off



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