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Yunmei desktop wireless Bluetooth speaker alarm clock

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If you insert a fever-level speaker configuration into your bedside alarm clock, what kind of experience will it be? Imagine that you are still asleep in the morning. At this time, the desktop wireless Bluetooth speaker alarm clock on the bedside suddenly rings. The sound of the bell is clean and delicate. The pure ringtone is intoxicating. In such an early morning wake-up service, there is indeed a difference. Kind of feeling.

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Compared with other desktop bluetooth speaker alarm clocks, Yunmei desktop wireless bluetooth speaker alarm clock is more unique, leaning towards the style of technology, designing a unique visual experience with a three-dimensional shape, full of texture, exquisite workmanship and good scratch resistance Features such as trace resistance and fingerprint resistance maintain the overall beauty of the speaker alarm clock.

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The more interesting thing is that Yunmei Bluetooth speaker alarm clock is equipped with a large LED screen in the middle of the front, which can display information such as time, volume, power, etc. The middle digital part is used to display the time, which is why it can be used as an alarm clock. 1. The battery icon lit below represents the power level. At the same time, the screen also inherits the DSP sound mode, sound source switching, alarm clock and song playback status and other information.

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The function buttons are designed on the top of the wireless speaker alarm clock, including the power switch, Bluetooth, volume button, playback button and other buttons. It is worth mentioning that the size of the buttons is very moderate, not too big or too small, so It feels more difficult to manipulate.

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In addition to being connected via Bluetooth, the Yunmei wireless charging alarm clock also supports USB data cable connection to the PC end, AU cable connection to the audio device, and the mode can be switched by pressing the button. This adds more application scenarios for Yunmei speaker alarm clocks, such as connecting a USB cable to a desktop computer to realize the sound of the desktop computer, and connect it to a mobile phone when going out to enjoy the fun of playing.

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In addition, the audio processing technology carried by Yunmei speakers has also played a great role in the details and layering of the audio. Small speakers are limited by the size and the influence of the speakers, and they often do not perform very well in terms of audio details. , And the audio processing technology of Yunmei speaker alarm clock integrates modern acoustic technology to design an audio processing solution that is more suitable for small speakers, so that small speakers can also bring rich music details and layering.

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In addition, one of the most important functions of the Yunmei wireless charging speaker alarm clock is the wireless charging function of the mobile phone. After having this wireless charging alarm clock, you only need to simply place the mobile phone on top of the alarm clock, and the mobile phone will automatically connect and charge without a charging cable. , It is very convenient, and the charging power is also very powerful, which is equivalent to fast charging to charge a mobile phone, and the charging time is very fast. In addition, taking into account the power outage, the Yunmei wireless charging alarm clock can be used continuously for more than twelve hours even in the case of power outage.

wireless charging speaker alarm clock

In general, the appearance of the Yunmei wireless charging Bluetooth speaker alarm clock tends to be full of voltage and wind technology, and the workmanship is more delicate. Compared with other speakers on the market, it has its own characteristics. It performs well in terms of audio details and functions. The high-pitched performance is clear and rich, with a more realistic music reproduction, and the performance of the sound is clean, delicate, and very comfortable.



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