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An alarm clock that wirelessly charges your phone-Yunmei

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Nowadays, many people have multiple mobile phones, so they need multiple charging cables, which is very inconvenient. Nowadays, there is an alarm clock that can provide wireless charging of mobile phones, alarm clock, and Bluetooth speaker functions, which is very convenient to put in the bedroom.

For friends who usually like to listen to music at home, you can set up a small desktop alarm clock in the bedroom, with a clock display function, you can watch the time at any time when you wake up at night, and set soothing music to wake me up in the morning. You can use your mobile phone to connect to it to listen to music, watch movies, play games and so on while lying in bed. It's so convenient.

This kind of wireless charging alarm clock is very safe. After multiple rounds of safety tests, you don’t have to worry about its safety. The whole product looks full of modern technology. It will not feel low in the bedroom, but can Add more color to the bedroom.

The product below seems to have a metallic texture, but it is actually made of plastic with a large screen in the middle, allowing you to see more clearly. There are multiple buttons on the top to make it easier for you to adjust time and other functions. 

There are professional speakers on the back to play music more professionally. The most important thing is that there is a mobile phone wireless charging function on the top, which can meet the charging of many mobile phones. It makes you unnecessary to equip so many charging cables, which is very convenient.

Wireless charging alarm clock  manufacturer

Compared with the previous one, this device has a different shape. This one is square and has a larger screen. It has a 2.0 speaker system and an output power of 3W. It can be connected to a DC5V/1.5A certified adapter. The size of the product is 115W*115D*112H

Wireless charging alarm clock 

Yunmei is a professional wireless charging alarm clocks manufacturer. It has many years of production experience and has cooperated with many overseas customers. It has gained wide acclaim. If you are interested, please contact us.



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