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How to buy mobile DVD products consumers should consider six factors

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Mobile DVD satisfies people's personalized consumption trends, and the personalized audio-visual space it can create is full of indescribable attraction for people who pursue fashion, publicize their individuality and unique taste. Nowadays, mobile DVDs are becoming a commodity favored by consumers, especially white-collar consumers. Consumers should consider six factors when choosing mobile DVD products.

 1. Appearance design As a personal electronic consumer product that you carry with you, the appearance design of a mobile DVD can be said to be very important. A uniquely designed, compact and exquisite mobile DVD can make you the focus of travel.

2. The most expensive component of a mobile DVD is the LCD screen. Taking into account the light environment used in general cars, the brightness of the screen should be checked when purchasing. The image will only be displayed when the brightness compensation ability of the screen is strong. Have proper luminosity.

 3. Shock resistance. Mobile DVDs can be watched while sitting in a car or airplane. If the seismic performance is not good, the screen will be intermittent, which can easily damage the mobile DVD.

 4. Compatibility and Disc Reading Ability. Pay attention to whether the mobile DVD adopts NTSC single format, because the image of a mobile DVD that adopts NTSC single format rolls when playing a PAL disc, and cannot be viewed normally, and cannot be connected to a domestic TV.

 5. Rechargeable batteries should fully consider the playback time of rechargeable batteries. Taking into account business trips and outings, if mobile DVD rechargeable batteries cannot last for a long time, it will cause a lot of unnecessary trouble. Generally speaking, the shortest should not be less than 3 hour.

 6. Cost-effectiveness As far as the current market is concerned, the products of foreign brands are expensive. In contrast, domestic brands have increased investment and promotion in recent years, and the cost-effectiveness has been very advantageous.



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